Our Mission is to “UBERIZE” the global model and data infrastructure and empower all key stakeholders of model ecosystem

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Built on Blockchain, iModX connects you to Data and Models.

iModX is a new marketplace for Models, Data, and Cloud Resources. This new marketplace creates communities and ecosystems for their respective stakeholders with distinctive features:

The Democratization of data and models

A common marketplace with a fair price discovery mechanism

Access for qualified professionals and smaller institutions with reduced barrier to access for qualified/registered professionals and institutions

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Bring Data and Models to the Masses

Democratization of data and model ecosystem will create immense economic opportunity and wider adoption of models across the industries.

Common Market

The global model ecosystem has a common marketplace with a fair price discovery mechanism for models, proprietary data sets, software solutions, and quantitative skills.

Low Barrier to Access

Many more qualified professionals and smaller institutions have a low barrier access to the marketplace that significantly increases the size, geographic and functional dimensions of the model and data global ecosystem.

Self-Regulated Platform

All key stakeholders of the model and data marketplace have a right to shape the rules and standards on a self-regulated platform which is adaptable to the evolving industry regulations.


The decentralized form of governance on the blockchain ensures that the key stakeholders of the marketplace securely and efficiently interact with each other in a trustless manner.

Minimize Cost and Time

The global utility tokens and financial infrastructure of the platform are designed and governed with the goal to minimize cost and time to transfer funds from model and data users to developers and validators.


The consortium is designed to facilitate the operation of the iModX Blockchain, coordinate the agreement among its stakeholders — the network’s validator and peer nodes — in their pursuit to promote, develop, and expand the network, and manage the reserve.


The consortium is governed by the iModX Consortium Council, which is comprised of representatives of node validators and exchange investors. Together, they make decisions on the governance of the network and reserve. All decisions are brought to the council, and major policy or technical decisions require the consent of two-thirds of the votes, the same supermajority of the network required in the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) approach to consensus protocol.

Through the consortium, the validator nodes align on the network’s technical roadmap and development goals. Since iModX will rely on a growing distributed community of developers to further itself, the consortium would be a necessary vehicle to establish guidance with respect to protocols and specifications to develop and adopt.


We are subscribing to the initial group of organizations and individual quants that will work together on forming the iModX Consortium as representatives of the following industries:

Regulated Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds and asset managers, Nonprofit and academic institutions , Blockchain developers, Technology and software vendors, Data companies, Venture Capital, Auditors, Industry Regulators.

If you consider yourself or your organization belong to one of those industries and interested to work on the iModX Consortium, please click the GET STARTED button below.

The Consortium will work with the global community in the coming months and continue to partner with policymakers worldwide to further the mission.

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Network of Partners

The iModX Consortium is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization, which purpose is to coordinate and provide a framework for governance for iModX and reserve and lead social impact model and data application for the Common Good. The Consortium’s membership is formed from the network of those who have “skin in the game” in the iModX network.


Members of the Consortium work with the community to finish formation of the core of the Consortium. The goal is to engage key players of the model ecosystem for validation of nodes and work on the Consortium as representatives of the following model-implicated industries: Regulated Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds and asset managers, Nonprofit and academic institutions, Blockchain developers, Technology and software vendors, Venture Capital, Auditors and Industry Regulators. The Consortium will develop and adopt a comprehensive charter and a set of bylaws for the consortium on the basis of the currently proposed governance structure. The Consortium members will be reviewing and approving the initial set of model exchange frameworks, policies and procedures pertaining to the governance of the blockchain, asset reserve, and payment system.


iModX team will work with the consortium members and the community to bring the iModX Blockchain prototype to a production-ready state. There will be a series of pilot projects with regulated financial and nonregulated institutions on development of Enterprise Version of iModX, where a private and permissioned model blockchain will be owned by the financial institution. In particular, this work will focus on ensuring the security, performance, and scalability of the protocol and implementation.

Along with the iModX Blockchain development we will be building the repository of models and data in a blockchain friendly formats. The selective models from the existing public libraries (QuantLib, GitHub, etc.) and proprietary software packages will be translated, compiled, hashed, encrypted and put into the Repository. The IMDE – Integrated Model Development Environment tools and APIs will be developed and well-documented to enable model developers, validators and users to interact with the iModX Blockchain and Repository.

The separate channels of the iModX Payment Blockchain dedicated to the payments and custodial services will be developed of the main model blockchain.

The Reserve Custody

Geographically distributed registered financial institutions will be contracted to provide custodial services for the Reserve basket of bullion, fiat- and cryptocurrencies. In case of cryptocurrencies, dedicated Hyperledger Fabric’s blockchain channels would be offered to financial institutions that would provide the custody. Alternatively, interoperable Payment Blockchain channel will be connected with a native custodial blockchain of the financial institution.

The Reserve

The consortium will determine the exact composition of the Reserve assets and establish policies and procedures for rebalancing the Reserve basket in accordance with weightings obtained from the optimization algorithm.


The consortium defines success as BBdoB - enabling any qualified person or business globally to Build, Buy and do Business with models and data on the iModX blockchain platform. For example, success will mean that a group of quants or academics have tools to put their models and software solutions on the exchange, an independent consultant performs the software solution validation, and a newly registered online bank can use those solutions for fair valuation and risk management purposes and pay the academics and model validators with utility tokens on a per-play basis.

The Consortium is interested in collaborating with organizations to help reinvent model and data ecosystem with doors widely open to thousands of smaller organizations and quants. If you believe in how iModX could transform developed and developing markets, share your perspective and join in. Your contribution to the Uberization of model ecosystem would pay back in the form of utility tokens which fair value would be protected against the ongoing debasement of fiat currencies.

We are subscribing to the initial group of organizations and individual quants that will work together on forming the iModX Consortium as representatives of the following industries:

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If your interested in becoming a member of the consortium, a client or creator on the platform please contact us using the form before.

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